Welcome to the home of PDI Spirit and are popular and successful product PaXcel for Pastel Partner Accounting. But, PaXcel is only the tip of the iceberg to our product range. Add-ins not just for Pastel Partner Accounting, but stand-alone applications as well

PaXcel for Pastel Partner Accounting

PaXcel for Pastel

Our first commercial     add-on for Pastel Partner Accounting. First released in the September of 2000 and 10 years later still being purchased by users of Pastel to create their monthly statements, reports all within Excel.

Using select-n-load to upload monthly and yearly audit journals to their Pastel data.

PaXcel, doesn't just do GL it also gives you access to customer, supplier and inventory, as well as drill down, view master account information

PaXcel for Palladium Accounting **NEW**

PaXcel for Palladium

PaXcel for Palladium Accounting is an Excel add-in that adds approximately 44 functions to use within Excel, allowing users to retrieve balances and information directly from your Palladium Accounting database.

Formulas include the retrieval of general ledger account information, balances for this year, last year, from historical years and budget information.

Use the formulas to create your organisation financial reports including Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, Trading income reports, budget reports, comparison reports and graphical reports.

Customer Relationship Management and more


Well CRM is a little misleading and Lite is just plain wrong. PDI Spirit's CRM for Pastel Partner Accounting, doesn't just give direct access to your Pastel customers without import and export, but also suppliers, prospects, inventory, sales opportunities. Along with customer budgeting at customer level, as well at inventory/product level

We just don't know what to call this application now. Direct access to your Pastel information, from your desktop, see invoices, credits, pricing, outstanding balances and transaction history. View purchases made from a supplier, retrieve product purchases in to a grid format, group and filter as required


Simon Blackwell founder PDI Spirit LLC

Simon Blackwell, the founder of PDI Spirit LLC, started developing in 1982, when he was handed an Ashton-Tate manual, some disks and the words

we have this new CPM80/86 computer and this software, see what you can do with it

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