PDI CRM for Pastel Partner Accounting

Lets put our cards on the table here. We used to call this CRM Lite, but now have to admit there is way too much functionality in it to be even close to a 'lite' weight package.

Then there was a dispute over the CRM part, CRM stands for 'Customer Relationship Management'. The problem here is that CRM doesn't just doesn't do customers. It also allows you to capture prospect details, assign tasks and follow-ups and record sales opportunities.

In addition you can maintain your supplier information, create tasks and follow-ups, view purchase history, documents, outstanding balances, supplier ledger transactions, assign documents that are related to the suppliers

Then we thought we had gone this far, so why not include inventory information. So the user can view inventory details, stock levels, pricing, transactions.

Within 'CRM' you can create budgets for customers at customer level, or inventory level. You can print an age analysis, sales opportunity reports, create invoices or sales orders direct from sales opportunities, transfer prospect information in to Pastel customers

Did we mention that this isn't an import or export from Pastel Partner, but a live link

You can also re-print documents, create simple mail and email merges. Email sales opportunities, print reports to PDF for emailing at a later stage

So what do we call this, well we threw around that 'Business Intelligence' word, but didn't think that fitted, so we now call it Steve.

Important documents

CRM Features

On-line Help

Some components are required and must be installed before CRM will function

CRM Setup

DSN Pervasive Setup

Firebird Quick Setup

You-tube videos

PDI CRM does require some setup, including additional components. The following videos will guide you through the set-up, installation and initial data creation.

PDI CRM Installation

Connection setup and Data creation

Starting and log-in to CRM

Additional videos

CRM Security policies