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In our history of development we have always specialised in what is termed 'Bespoke development'. That is creating small, medium and large applications that are built, just for a single or small handful of clients.

During this time we have created applications for companies like Dawson Marketing Services, Stronghaven, London Distribution, Woolworths, Masai Barefoot Technology (mbt), LCK Express Parcels, PKF, Carte Blance and  Clorox to name just a few.

These applications ranged from file imports, order processing, scanning, invoicing, transportation, document printing, label printing, data management. Linking in with various accounts system, Sage, Pastel Partner, ACCPAC, QuickBooks and existing corporate systems or being completely stand-alone.

We have integrated with systems running MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase, Firebird and even Access, Paradox, dBase and Visual Fox Pro.

This means we can develop almost anything to fit your needs and existing system.

Why bespoke development?

You have your main system, lets say your accounting system, you need just a little bit of extra functionality. To get this new functionality you have to upgrade to the next version of the accounting system or worse, a completely new accounts system. This means that you need to spend money on the new software, implementation, possible hardware changes and training on the new software. All that for just some new functionality, and the worse thing is you may actually loose some functionality.

This is where bespoke development comes in, you can have an additional application, that links in with your existing system and plugs the hole that you need.

The bespoke development, could be something simple as a collection of reports that provide the information you require. As your currently system stores the information, it just doesn't exhale the information you need.

It could be that you have two separate systems and just need some data transfer functionality, to keep the two systems running and you are not in a position of joining there functionality together, because there isn't an application available (of course we could write that for you as well).

It could be that there isn't a complete system available and you are looking for a company to build a complete application for you.

We can do all that and more, we have created the report package, the small middle tier application and the full complete application.

Contact us and we can talk about your Software requirements and put together a proposal and quotation.

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