PaXcel for Palladium Accounting

44 functions to create your financial statements

PaXcel for Palladium Accounting is an Excel add-in that adds approximately 44 functions to use within Excel, allowing users to retrieve balances and information directly from your Palladium Accounting database.

Formulas include the retrieval of general ledger account information, balances for this year, last year, from historical years and budget information.

Use the formulas to create your organisation financial reports including Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, Trading income reports, budget reports, comparison reports and graphical reports.

Dynamic Spread sheets

PaXcel formulas are dynamic, this means that balances are updated automatically when any parameter is changed, when the spreadsheet is saved or opened (if manual calculation is not turned on).

Retrieve account codes/classes

Retrieve account number, account type and account class information using the PaXcel for Palladium ribbon functions, giving the information to start the report creation.

Drill down to account details

The ribbon also gives access to account detail information, selecting a PaXcel function and pressing the View GL Details button displays a screen with the general ledger account information. The information displayed is view only and similar to the Palladium GL accounts screen.

Drill down to transactions

Using the View Transactions button with a PaXcel function selected (that returns a balance) will display the ledger transactions that make up the selected balance. Allowing further analysis of the balance that is being viewed.

Samples included

PaXcel for Palladium Accounting comes with a number of examples that can be used as a starting point to create your own financial reports. Or you can start with a blank Excel workbook, retrieve the accounts from the selected Palladium Accounting database and use your Excel skills to build the report in your own format and layout.


Consolidating companies has never been easier, linking work sheets to different Palladium Accounting databases and then combing the results in to a single formatted financial report.

Handle multiple currencies

Multiple companies in different foreign currencies, this is not a problem use exchange rates to convert each companies work sheet to the required home currency and then add each companies results to produce a single financial report in the required currency.

Creating your companies financial reports and statements has never been easier and the report can be set up once and reused as and when required, automatically updating.

Demo Available

Download a 30 day trial version that comes with all the functionality of PaXcel and all the formulas.

Click here to download


Download a 30 day trial version that comes with all the functionality of PaXcel and all the formulas.

Click here to download

Download the PaXcel for Palladium help file in PDF format download here