PaXcel for Pastel Partner Accounting

writing reports in Excel linked to your Pastel company data has never been easier

PaXcel started with just a few functions to retrieve GL Balances and budgets. Over the years of development, this exploded to more than 40 formulas

PaXcel can still retrieve GL Balances and Budgets, as it did in the first release, but in addition PaXcel can now retrieve Customer outstanding & sales balances, Supplier outstanding & sales balances and Sales Analysis balances including Gross Profit and sales figures. In addition inventory balances, opening balances, sales, purchases, adjustments, unposted and sales inventory figures can be retrieved.

Use the massive functionality of Microsoft Excel and the PaXcel formulas to create spreadsheets the way your company wants them. Don't let your creativity be suppressed. Use Excel graphing, grouping and all the other Excel standard functionalities to produce the Profit/Loss, Customer Sales, Customer Aging, Supplier Purchases, Supplier Aging and Inventory reports.

PaXcel also comes with a GL wizard that allows the column and row information to be selected, allowing for a basic report to be created and giving details on how to use the GL Formulas. The wizard allows for templates to be saved for future use and comes with a standard set of templates, to allow for the creation of balance sheets and profit & (loss) sheets.

PaXcel doesn't just retrieve balances, select a cell containing a PaXcel formula and view the account details that make up the balance or view the transactions that make up the selected balance.

With Select-n-Load journals can be captured within Excel and then loaded directly in to the required Pastel Partner Journal or Cash book. Select-n-Load doesn't just stop there, individual budgets or individual periods can also be uploaded into Pastel PArtner Accounting.


Download a 30 day trial version that comes with all the functionality of PaXcel and all the formulas.

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PaXcel not only reads data, but with Select-n-load journals and budgets can be uploaded back to PaXcel directly from your Excel spreadsheet

PaXcel flow of data